Friday, February 13, 2009

Well made HL2 fan film

Brings back memories of Half Life 2. I can't really put into words why I like the Combine of the Half Life universe. Maybe it's the militaristic, oppression with a Sci-Fi bent. Maybe its all the little details like how the cops' suits emit sirens when the die. Something about it just pumps my adrenaline.

I've got two friends who own the game right now but they're both climbing out of respectable backlogs. I'm afraid they'll both be turned off by the fledgling level design Valve has so refined in Portal and HL2's Episodes.

Come on, guys. Weather HL2. Or play through Portal and see the kind of pacing and subtle story telling Valve is capable of achieving. If you want more, go for the episodes.


jesus said...

WANT Episode 3

Taylor said...

I'll get to it when I get to it. Ugh. Having a blown up laptop will probably help me catch up on my backlog, though, if that makes you happy. I only have 3 PS3 games left to beat, and then a few PS2 games.

Problem is that I now have a DS and PSP, each of which I have like 4-5 games... But I'm trying to treat that as a "casual gaming" thing -- I don't expect to play them to beat them.

On the other hand, I suppose maybe I could squeeze HL2 into my backlog sometime and bump it up... But that'd require a working PC.