Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disturbance in the workforce: Me

Funny thing about being laid off; people treat it like someone in your family died.

"How are you feeling?"
"I'm so sorry to hear this happened."
"Norman, are you crying?"

I guess our culture paints a picture of destitution and adversity around unemployment. I couldn't be further from that picture. Why would I be crying over losing a job I wasn't completely satisfied with? Maybe if I were depending on my pay check to pay off my expensive car and mortgage from month to month or I had a family to take care of. I'll admit, I'm lucky to be in the financial situation I'm in right now.

For months before this week's layoff I considered leaving my IT consulting job to explore other career options. Fear of change and the warm blanket of a ridiculously high salary kept me in place. This could be the kick in the ass I need to venture out. After allHopefully the video game industry isn't collapsing too much to take me in.


MarsianMan said...

Maybe they worry, because you are crying?

Best of luck.

Taylor said...

On the plus side, you're at a turning point. There are many directions for you to go and it's good to have the mentality that there are many doors open for you. It's all about the attitude you have, in life in general even, that makes this easier for you, I feel.

Most people feel bummed out because it's essentially a slap in the face for your career -- most people spend this time to wonder, "What went wrong? Am I not good enough at this? Is this the right career for me?" You've already decided that maybe... Maybe this isn't the right direction for your career. And as you have savings and a lack of expenses, things *are* great for you.

Regardless, I wish I had your situation right now -- nothing is holding you back and so many doors are open!