Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I'm sitting in front of my computer one Thursday afternoon. I've got nothing to do and I've been meaning to buy Grand Theft Auto 4 for awhile now. Now is a good a time as any. It's not like the game will drop in price or anything.

Off I go, Best Buy gift card snuggly tucked into my wallet. I get in my car. Boy I keep forgetting to use that KTRU bumper sticker. I mean, how will passing strangers ever know that I listen to random indie music?

I turn on the radio. And tune into All Things Considered(ATC) on NPR. It's an interview with Yao Ming. It's the end of the interview and they talk about things like how he's supposed to represent his country. Huh, odd time for ATC, of all radio shows, to interview a player for a team that's not doing too well in the playoffs. Besides, that whole "coming to America" thing was played out a few years ago when Ming was actually coming to America.

I zone out for a bit. What's a person really supposed to do with money they get from graduation? It's easy to save actual money and use that responsibly. But when your family gives you a large gift card to Best Buy, it's really hard to spend that responsibly.

Wait, what are they talking about? Earthquake in China? Reports of 30,000 dead? Shit. When did this happen? Would I have even known about this if I hadn't decided to go buy GTA during ATC? Gah, I've turned into what my college sociology teacher has been warning me about. I've let myself become ignorant of what's happening around the world.

I park and walk into Best Buy. Do I pay an extra $30 for the special edition? A lock box and a bag? Not worth it. I make my purchase and go back to my car.

ATC's interviewing reporters in China. After an earthquake buildings are dangerously unstable. Everyone in the effected regions can't stay indoors. Aid has taken a few days to deploy in some regions. For the reporters, talking to people is a challenge. The people have issues with the way the government is responding to the disaster. But they don't want to make themselves or the national government look bad to foreigners. Despite this distrust, there is hospitality. A woman in an effected village managed to make tea for the reporters.

I get home and set down GTA. I go to my computer and read more about the earthquake. I at least owe it to the victims to know what's happening to them.

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Taylor said...

It's simple to see the latest game, pick it up and be distracted, but ultimately, we have to live in the real world. It's a good thing you took the time to catch up on all of the details. I don't know whether or not the people there would care whether or not someone on the other side of the world knew of their plight, but it's definitely a good thing that you're not just putting up a shell of "I'll continue to play my games and ignore what happens in the MMO--Life."