Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now Playing: Pixel Junk Eden (PS3)

I'm sitting here waiting for my second video to upload. You can catch my first here:

[EDIT: Damn, looks like there was some error uploading my first video and now it's lost forever. :( Honestly, the first video was waaay better than this second video. It's like the second I turned on the camera, my performance side kicked in and I hit combos everywhere. I don't really like how the uploading interface forces you to choose between youtube and your PS3 harddrive. Why not both?]

So if you couldn't figure out what was happening in the video, I'm playing that little white dot at the center of the screen. I'm collecting pollen (the little white bits), which fills seeds, the big blue things I'm jumping into that sprout into plants which help me reach my goal (glowing swirly thing).

I gotta say I'm hooked on Eden already. It's when I get into The Zone© the game just flows as my little Grimp jumps smoothly from pollen to seed chaining everything. This with the mellow electronic synth music is definitly a new and unique gaming experience.

The game supports up to 3 players in offline co-op. I tried it with a friend last weekend in the demo. It was sloppy at best considering how much skill this game requires. Both players need to be in sync. We'll see what happens when we're both well practiced. Well worth the $10 if you have a PS3.


Jimmy said...

That's interesting. Can you affect how the plants grow? I've been looking at the PSN games, but couldn't decide which ones I would like.

Norman said...

No, the plants grow statically. Do you have a PS3? What's your PSN name?